Nike Womens fitting room

SET -  2017
NIKE | SoHo Flagship, NYC

Team Lead, Concept Development, Client Engagement, Consultant Coordination

NIKE seeks a design solution to upgrade their women's fitting room in the SoHo Flagship store. 

The Ask - To design a new women's fitting room experience that relates to the boutique design palette of the neighborhood of SoHo.  The design also must be flexible for integrating future product campaigns and promote a luxury customer / sales associate experience.



The design uses an existing Nike fixture as a base to a new flexible system. The new fixture's modules are customizable in size, pattern, and material finish, making them adjustable for future campaigns and storage requirements. Hidden built in storage provides size trials for all women's products sold in store, alleviating the need for a sales associate to do size runs. 

Campaign colors are and messaging are introduced in subtle details, allowing for the fitting room environmental design to maintain consistencies through material style. Featured product is displayed minimally to encourage customers to try on entire looks with products curated by Nike.

Environmental features such as, beauty lighting built into the mirror system and charging station built into the seating, ensure the customer is looking great in product and not in a rush to leave.