HUSH  -  2015
HUSH | New York City

Concept, Hardware Development, Design Development, Fabrication Oversight, Installation, Photography / Documentary

The Lenses project is an end of year installation designed to artistically represent the relationship between the creative collaboration of HUSH's diverse team and its unique outcomes as a result. 

The audiovisual installation uses prisms, light and sound to represent the interplay of ideas between the designers, architects, musicians, and technologists that collaborate together day-to-day at HUSH.




By arranging the family of prisms across a canvas designed to bend and reflect light, users build a glowing, colorful visual landscape. This composition is then read by a custom software and translated into sounds in real-time, resulting in a warm, ambient soundscape to accompany the powerful visual.
The minimalist design of the form allows users to choose from a curated selection three varieties of prisms and re-arrange to build their own unique representation. Additionally, the design allows for up to six directed beams of light to be turned on or off to depict varieties within each composition of prisms.


As a gift to HUSH's respective clients, a physical representation of the Lenses concept was created extend the experience of the lenses project to the clients themselves. The artfully created sleeve containing personalized notes and project information allows for clients to mix and match multiple layers of printed transparencies to create their own unique compositions.