Made by numbers

HUSH  -  2014
HUSH | New York City

Concept, Hardware Development, Design Development, Fabrication Oversight, Installation, Photography / Documentary

The Made By Numbers project is a data sculpture created from data collected internally at HUSH in 2014. Data was mined from the company servers and collected  to generate a unique, artistic physical and interactive output that represents the company.  Weekly work habits, project flow, productivity and other narratives of the agency all acted as the design input for the form of this sculpture.




The company collected data from five categories; Computers in use, Images made, Positive sentiments, Travel time, and Late night food. The five Categories were then mapped out to a 5-axis graph and the data was input to form 52 destinct shapes representing the weeks in the year. The unique layers and spacers were CNC cut, stamped, sanded, sprayed, and assembled on a base to form the final 5ft tall sculpture.