Google racer

HUSH  -  2013
Google | San Francisco, CA

Concept, Design Development, Fabrication Oversight

The Racer Installation is an interactive installation designed for the Google I/O Conference to showcase Chrome’s experimental multi-player, multi-device web socket game called “Racer.” The Chrome racer installation re-envisions the handheld game to go past the surface of the mobile devices, and onto a huge, multi-player digital canvas.



The installation’s angular powder coated metal form was deigned to create a throw-back to table-top arcade games while still maintaining a modern edge. Two 80in displays mounted at an obtuse angle created the surface for 5 users, using different mobile devices, to interact with the slot car-style game. Using the device’s touch screen as the gas, users must adapt to learn how to control their cars in order to not crash and win the race.