Shop Small Kiosk

HUSH  -  2014
American Express | Seattle, WA

Concept, Design Development, Fabrication Oversight

The Amex Shop Small kiosk is a fully-contained, interactive retail product designed to help shoppers discover thousands of local small businesses within a centralized urban setting. The installation uses the kiosk’s geographical reference as well as personal preference indicators to allow shoppers to tap into a database of local merchants products. 



The kiosk form was designed with the purpose of providing shoppers with the elegant and familiar notes of boutique retail installations. The staggered grain of stacked hardwood forms were designed to create a comfortable materiality and height for interacting with the interface as well as retrieving the printed out keepsakes.

Through simple interactive gestures, shoppers can browse between several product types and easily curate personalized wish lists.  Users can receive a text message linking them to details on opening hours, location and directions. Additionally, personalized wishlists can be printed on site as a physical keepsake that includes all of the relevant store information in order to help them find the items they are interested in locally.