Sonos Retail Design

HUSH  -  2014
Sonos | New York City

Concept, Fixture Design, Design Development, Prototyping, Fabrication Oversight, Consultant Coordination

The Sonos project is a retail concept designed to embody the company’s Brand pillar “Fill Your Home With Music.” 
With the core principles of attract, inspire, and amplify, concepts of customer journey and interaction, store layout, and fixture design were developed.



Attract / Simplicity

Attraction is a key factor in all retail locations. For the Sonos store attraction must go beyond the storefront where the product cannot be heard. The goal for this project was to pull customers into the space in order to explore and understand the product from the storefront all the way to the back of the store.

Inspire / Educate

Inspiring the customer is an important factor in designing the space. The design needs to be educational and aspirational as well as of an aesthetic that embodies a home no matter the customer’s design preferences. Additionally, the store and product must work together to accentuate the influence Sonos has on your home.

Amplify / Experience

Amplifying the space will ultimately amplify the customer’s experience. The environment should not only sound great but it also must give the customer a strong visual statement to go along with the experience of light and physical form.



Drawings were created for client presentations to walk them through the space in floorplan, reflectred ceiling plan, and section elevations. Additionally, the drawings acted as a final deliverable for the architect of record on the project with considerations for building code already considered.