Wedding Alter!

Wedding Alter Design / Process / Implementation 

My Wife and I are both design oriented, so we wanted our wedding to showcase that to our friends and family. We decided to collaborate in designing and fabricating our own wedding alter. The alter design was a Buckminster Fuller inspired sculpture that would encircle us during the ceremony and contrast with the natural landscape we planned on being within.

Designing the form originally in 3D, the shape was designed in solid forms and built with a node and sticks system to create a desired skeletal form. Many, many, prototypes of the Node design were tested as well as the length and diameter of stick connecting them. Once we found the right combination we went into production mode, printing over 600 nodes over 3 months and connecting them with over 2000 lolly pop sticks.

With the Help of many of our amazing design minded friends, the alter was assembled on site from a series of horizontal layers. The alter was then hand carried in two parts from the assembly area to its final location on site. (as seen below)

Here it is in its final moments!

Benjamin Gray